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Natural Turf Food


Our most economical choice. We use a special formula of heat pasteurized poultry litter base to provide a combination of fast and slow release nitrogen and add organic matter to the soil. Poultry litter is one of the most economical and safest natural fertilizers with readily available nutrients. We reinforce its natural soil building abilities with alfalfa meal, seaweed extracts, and rich first generation molasses. It will not burn even in hot weather.

4,000 sq. ft. coverage per40 lb. bag

Natural Turf Food 4-3-2 100% Organic


Heat Pasteurized Poultry Litter

Raw chicken manure has been used for years by gardeners for its high content of readily available nitrogen. It has to be used very carefully because it contains excess ammonia which can be very volatile and can burn plants. Its nitrogen content can also be highly variable and if not properly applied much of the nitrogen can be lost by volatilization and evaporate into the atmosphere.

We make our heat Pasteurized Poultry Litter by using the most modern and safest methods for optimum safety and nutrient content. After the litter is removed from the chicken house it undergoes several processes to remove excess moisture which is disposed of using environmentally safe procedures. Then it is heated to destroy any pathogens and heat sensitive pollutants. This produces a prill and pellet dry material that retains much of its readily available natural nitrogen content that is readily available for soil microorganisms to convert to food for hungry plants. All of the dust and smaller particles are removed in this process and made into a slurry which is then dried and broken more uniform pellets similar to those in the first process and containing the same nutrient content. The finished product does not smell like roses but the odor is quite tolerable and dissipates almost immediately after application. It can be applied even in hot weather without fear of burning and it is safe for kids and pets because it has been completely Pasteurized.-

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